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Ceremonies can be tricky things these days. Whatever type of ceremony you are looking for, there is so much choice, and all too often the available options aren’t quite perfect.

Here we come to your rescue! All our ceremonies are personally written for you. We do, obviously have a number of basic scripts, but we will work with you so that you can choose what you want included and excluded.

Our aim is that whatever the occasion, as many of your friends and family can join in as you wish. We create roles so that those who wish to take an active part can do so. We know from feedback from our clients that this is what makes the ceremony so special, and that those who have had a special part to play remember it especially fondly. There are the inevitable fluffs of words etc. that bring joy and laughter to the occasion. Children are especially welcome, and we can create roles for them too.

We are experienced celebrants, and are happy to work with you whatever faith or no faith you may be.

Our wedding blessings have been described as Celtic Spiritual weddings, make of that what you will, but we are delighted!

We draw upon our own spiritual journeys to create the magic and mystery that makes true ceremony so special. We do not believe in ‘going through the motions’ of a ceremony any more than you do, and know that our clients are looking for something deep and meaningful.

**Please note that we are not Registrars, so our ceremonies have no standing in law**

For more information and an informal chat, please call us on
 01409 254144

or email

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